Relax and Renew using restful, easy positions. Peace & quiet.

Slow Flow Yoga and Intro to Yoga

Mild, slower-paced stretches for those seeking restoration and relaxation.

All Levels Flow

A good, classic, well-rounded, moderately paced session. Beginners are welcome & encouraged while intermediate students also enjoy attending this class formerly known as Yoga Basics. (level 1-2)

Slow Yin

Long-held floor poses to work connective tissue to enhance flexibility.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa means to move in sync with your breathing. This class offers a more active pace than the All Levels Flow and provides some more dynamic transitions & pose options. This used to be called Yoga Flow. (level 2)

Challenge Flow

Offers more arm balances & advanced pose options while weaving students thru to the pace of their breathing as in Vinayasa Flow. (level 2-3)

Yoga Sculpt

Strengthen with stability balls & hand-held weights added to fun yoga poses.

Heated Power Yoga

Gets you strong with push-ups, core work on the floor & leg-strengthening poses. Room warmed to mid 80's/ led follow-the-yogi style so teacher practices with the students. Having some prior knowledge re: poses/breathing is helpful. Options let you step it up or down. (level 1-3)


A self-treatment technique using rollers and soft and firm small balls that help prevent pain, heal injury, and erase the negative effects of aging and active living. Learn more.